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HealthCare Projects

SCALE’s health initiatives in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand have benefitted over 10,000 people with 4700 children. In the last two years, it has organized over 9,500 free physiotherapy sessions for the elderly in NCR, Delhi, and twice a week medical support for the visually impaired and destitute children in Karnataka. It firmly believes that ensuring good health can help promote the country’s socio-economic development. With absence of quality health care facilities in the remote and rural location in most part of our country, SCALE has taken a leading role in the NGO healthcare programs in the Kumaon Region of Uttarakhand, NCR Delhi & Karnataka.

SCALE has been organizing multiple health camps since 2003 in partnership with various organizations like Escorts Heart & Research Institute, WHO, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, National Institute of Malaria Research, JNU, Shanti Mukand Hospital, Government Medical College, Haldwani, and others.

SCALE has also successfully worked in a WHO “Tobacco Awareness Program” highlighting the ill-effects of Tobacco usage in 45 villages, covering over 10,000 people of Bhimtal, in Nainital District of Uttarakhand.

Health education for the adolescent and underprivileged village girls has been one of the focus areas for SCALE. Keeping this in view, sanitary napkins are being distributed to the girl students in schools, which SCALE is supporting. Doctors have been interacting with these girls teaching them the need to maintain proper hygiene to avoid future complications.

Regular check-ups at the health camps have revealed serious problems of heart, anemia, drug addiction, high blood pressure, malaria and dengue, eyesight problems and worm infestations mostly in children. Some of the findings could have been life threatening, but for the timely intervention by SCALE through its health programs.

SCALE has so far organized 6,000 health surveys to ensure that their health initiatives were aligned to the region’s health needs.


SCALE wants to make health education, an essential ingredient to improve the quality of life. By involving the individuals, community and the state health programs, it wants to drive the results through the joint social fabric of these forces.


  • To cover 10,000 students under its health educational programs by 2014
  • To conduct regular awareness programs on hygiene and nutrition with regular medical checkups
  • To involve more health organizations to partner SCALE in their Health Programs for school
  • To create awareness on the importance of health amongst children, their parents and school authorities
  • To make children a vehicle to bring about a change in lifestyle and thereby promote health, nutrition and hygiene in their families and the community at large
  • To continue distributing sanitary napkins to the adolescent girls covered under the SCALE health programs. It will also educate the girls on the maintenance of proper hygiene
  • To support the elderly through free physiotherapy sessions
  • To support through SCALE’s medical teams, the visually impaired and poor children
  • To promote NGO healthcare
  • Tie up with other project driven health NGO’s to provide quality care in the remote locations of Uttarakhand

Capacity building:

  • To organize health awareness programs for school teachers towards hygiene and nutrition.
  • To promote health as quality of life, through audio-visuals and community participation.
  • To link the adopted schools to the health institutions for treatment.
  • To arrange first aid facility in its adopted schools.
  • Educating the girls in maintaining proper hygiene, usage & disposal of sanitary napkins.


  • Over 10,000 people have benefitted from SCALE’s health initiatives
  • 4700 children covered by SCALE’s health initiatives.
  • 7 schools adopted for continued health support in Haldwani
  • Over 9500 free physiotherapy sessions provided for the elderly in Delhi.
  • 150 visually impaired and destitute children provided medical support twice a week in Bangalore, Karnataka.
  • Under SCALE NGO health care projects, tied up with hospitals to support the weaker sections of our society.
  • Sanitary napkins being distributed to girls.
  • Supported a disabled girl with computer and UPS for her self-employment.
  • 6000 health surveys conducted in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand

With the help of other health NGO’s and leading health organizations, SCALE proposes to bring specialized medical care to underprivileged children and their parents. It also plans to tie up with these Institutions to provide holistic health care to such sections of our society.