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1. What is SCALE?

It is a secular Non-Government Organization (NGO) registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860, India.

2. What does it do?

It works for the underprivileged and poor sections of our society in Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, NCR Delhi, Orissa & Karnataka. It addresses the field of quality of school education, school computer education, school health, besides entrepreneurship with skill building along with work in areas for solar.

3. How is it different from other NGO’s?

Its USP has been that is an ISO 9001:2008 certified NGO conforming to the principles of transparency, highly monitored financial systems & well set out processes. SCALE has delivered highly satisfying results in nearly eleven years of its services without drawing any monetary grants from the government funds. It is a secular organization basing its work purely for the betterment of our society in general.

4. Why are you in so many activities?

We have a well structured organization with highly credible experts and expertise in different streams of school holistic education, environment & entrepreneurship. So managing the essence of development is not a challenge in focus.

5. How can I contribute?

One can contribute through donation from cheque/bank drafts, voluntary services or through kind.

6. From where do you get your funds?

SCALE has been serving the underprivileged, poor & the deprived sections of our society with funds from members, well wishers & a few corporates. Rest of it comes in kind through alliance partners association.

7. Why have you selected Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, NCR, Orissa & Bangalore?

Our expansion has been in a phased manner. We had started with Uttarakhand in 2002 because the state was newly formed. It had few avenues for learning & skill building. Thus the livelihood options were very limited. Later expansion happened, based on SCALE ability to service the areas, for the underprivileged and the poor.

8. What are your project alliances roles?

Our Project Alliances have been largely associated with their contribution in kind. We have been taking the help of the corporates in training & job placements while health organizations have been our principal partners in running SCALE health initiatives.

9. Are you certified under Foreign Currency Regulation Act (FCRA)?

Yes, SCALE is a FCRA certified organization.

10. Do you have 80G Income Tax 50% rebate?

Yes, SCALE offers 80G rebate.

11. If I contribute how will I get the 80G benefit?

SCALE will send you the receipt against your donation to SCALE. Along with the receipt, and the rebate notification, please submit it with tax returns.

12. How do you choose your areas of work?

SCALE always carries out the assessment surveys in targetted areas, prior to its selection. This is to determine the needs of the area as well to establish if the people are from an economically weaker section of our society.

13. How do you select schools?

We select schools based on the history of the school, numbers of poor & underprivileged section of children it supports, high mix of girl students and most importantly, it needs the support and has the hunger to deliver the qualitative results.

14. Do you charge money for your courses?

We used to charge nominal fee for our earlier vocational courses but presently, our school projects are without any charges. The only demand is to monitor the utilization of SCALE resources and mentor the stakeholders in schools.

15. How do you manage your finances, auditing, etc?

We have fortnightly submissions of expenses done to our auditors. We have a quarterly review of our accounts. Auditing is done once a year.

16. Which are going to be your focus areas?

SCALE will be driving the school holistic Programs, entrepreneurship & livelihood and Solar & E-Waste in Environment.

17. How will you do it?

School Education will cover promoting IT , health awareness & preventive health camps, providing them with a minimal infrastructural support and quality of teaching through teacher’s training program and recruitment of teachers. Solar programs will have regular awareness, doing capacity building in skills of assembly, installation & repairs of solar equipments and its promotion. Entrepreneurship selection will be based on the existing skill of the potential entrepreneur, drive of the applicant and demand/supply situation in the chosen area.

18. Can we donate for a specific project?

Yes, you donate for a specific project.

19. How will I get the updates on the project?

Donors will have the update through SCALE Newsletter, website, or any other information through a specific request.

20. How will I get the expense update on the project?

If you are a member, balance sheet copy will reach you anyway. If a donor, your donation utilization report will be sent to you. If there is a specific request, SCALE will address it accordingly.

21. How do you enroll members?

If one has to become a member, one year of active voluntary work participation with SCALE is needed. Once eligibility is completed, one needs to apply for the final approval by the Governing Committee.

22. If you refuse membership will you let us know the reason for refusal?

We will certainly inform the person in case the applicant does not meet the eligibility norms.

23. How do I apply for a volunteer work?

One needs to fill the Voluntary Registration Form for approval.

24. I am in another city, how can I contribute?

One can wire transfer the funds through a demand draft/cheque to SCALE account. One can also contribute through kind, or by your any specialized teaching to children through Skype. If your organization is willing, you can also associate your organization in any of the activities of SCALE

25. Are there any forms to fill, ID’s to be provided to be a member?

One needs to fill in the simple & necessary forms. If one is an Indian resident, proof of name, address and phone numbers will be required. Copy of the pan card or any other such proof will be required. If one is Non-Resident Indian, one has to provide the details of the passport giving the proof of the name, address, phone numbers & bank name.

26. Will the info provided be kept confidential?

If you so desire, it will be kept confidential.

27. Do I have to be a member to contribute?

Presently, a member has to pay to SCALE Rs.600 per annum

28. Can I donate in kind, like old clothes, toys, books etc?

SCALE will gratefully accept contribution of all good conditioned items.

29. Can I adopt a child?

Yes, SCALE encourages people to adopt a child for its education and other socio-economic needs. SCALE firmly believes that the educated children are essential for a clean and healthy society of tomorrow.

30. Will you share info of the adopted child?

SCALE will be sharing the details of the child progress with the donor. We prefer the child to understand the goodness & values in life through a general belief that all humans are good rather than a measure of generosity. However, if the donor assures of regular mentoring of the child, SCALE will be delighted to share and have such a patron to assist the organization.

31. Can I visit the place of the adopted child?

If the donor assures of regular mentoring of the child, SCALE will be delighted to have the visit.

32. As a member, will you send me the balance sheet at the end of the financial year?

As a process, SCALE will share its balance sheet with all the members.

33. Will you be open to new ideas

SCALE looks forward to any constructive and viable ideas from people. We in SCALE, firmly believes that the cause & care for the underprivileged and poor people is supreme. Thus, any suggestions which help to improve and develop model towards efficient deliverables to the poor will always be welcomed. Infact, SCALE looks forward to such ideas.