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Alliance Appeal

Mr. Arun Sinha
Honorary Secretary General - SCALE

It is our pleasure to introduce to you SCALE (Society to Create Awareness towards Life & Environment), a Non Government Organization (NGO) in India, established in January 2002, which strives to find solutions to issues relating to environmental awareness, vocational education and primary health care.

At SCALE, we believe that skill and knowledge are the driving force of economic growth and social development of any country. Our experienced team passionately believes in this mission of imparting skill and knowledge to the under-privileged sections and thereby contributes to nation building. We have taken major strides in various “Green” projects, provided primary health care to thousands and have created sources of livelihood for many in the Kumaon Region.

We call upon a reputed and winning organization such as yours to join hands with us in this challenging but noble cause.

Many world class organizations have joined hands with us over the last decade. They have joyfully volunteered to enrich our projects with their products and services without any monetary returns. Some of the well-known among them are Acer India, Ranbaxy, Nokia Siemens, WHO , Tulip Software, Velocis, Maruti, Escorts, TIFR, NIMR, JNU, AgreeYa Solutions, Raina Foundations and Mistral Solutions. With their support, we have trained over 2,500 students in various vocations with over 1500 earning livelihood from it. Some have got into jobs, some have become entrepreneurs and others are happily self-employed earning their livelihood through skill-based work.

We have also certified and trained 30 technicians through MNRE, for assembly and repairs of solar lanterns as well as installation of solar water heaters, took the health initiative to 10,000 rural people, provided in two years, over 9500 free Physiotherapy sessions to the aged people, medically supporting 150 visually impaired patients and orphans in Bangalore.

SCALE computer literacy programs have benefitted over 1500 people in the rural & poor areas of Uttarakhand. 5000 poor school children are being supported through SCALE various computer other initiatives. In a bid to promote Science in the country, SCALE has set up the first ‘Knowledge Centre’ at Vidya Mandir Junior High School in Haldwani, an underprivileged school in Haldwani. Soon SCALE will be replicating this in 4 more schools in Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and NCR Delhi. Time has now come to scale up further. Our earnest endeavor now is to find partners like you who can promote more meaningful projects with us through their passion for nation building and, of course, funding capabilities. We are sure that even your employees will be keen to participate in CSR programs of your organization which could certainly include the creative projects of SCALE. Your organization and your employees will surely love to partner with us in our mission to bring smiles to the many that deserve more.

SCALE has been one of the rare NGO in India which has been serving the rural and weaker sections of our society without so far accessing the government provided grants for NGO’s. Though availability of funds for NGO’s exists, but SCALE looks forward to your active participation in order to deliver the quality results in a person and the community development.

Your participation in our mission together will be the key to our dreams coming true. To begin with, there is nothing better than an exploratory dialogue. We look forward to receiving from you a suitable date and time to meet. This may mark the beginning of a lasting partnership. Grants for a Non-Profit Organization is critical to SCALE, but walking the journey together in this noble cause will be extremely inspiring not only to us, but to the recipients of your care as well.