SCALE Success Stories

SCALE Statutory Compliant


SCALE has ensured strict statutory compliance during the last 15 years of its working. Be it income-tax or FCRA, SCALE has a track record of 100% in terms of its correctness & timeliness. With the internal audit controlled by one of the leading auditors, Lochan & Co., SCALE’s account books are always up to date. As a result, the Government of India had no hesitation in renewing our FCRA or 80G certificate.

Solar Energy

  • Designed & developed its own solar products like solar lanterns, solar home lights, solar mobile charging stations & solar street lighted
  • Set up in Uttarakhand, presumably India’s first solar manufacturing cooperative, Uttarayan Cooperative for Renewable Energy (UCRE).
  • UCRE ISO certified
  • Replicated in 2016, the second solar manufacturing cooperative in Uttar Pradesh, named Uttarayan Cooperative for Renewable Energy & Environment (UCREE).
  • Helps UCRE to become sustainable in the first 6 months of its operations- 4000 homes solar lit in Kumaon Region of Uttarakhand
  • A wide network of service centres
  • SCALE has provided UCREE & UCRE with a proven product, market, efficient & well defined processes, expanded service set up and a highly credible management team with experience. This will deliver organizational scalability
  • 63 villages on India-China & India-Nepal border solar lighted
  • 300 unemployed trained in manufacturing and repair of solar products. Most of them are now employed in either electronics or electrical industry.
  • Solar lighted Its tailoring centre in Rudrapur

Women Empowerment

  • 1500 women trained in tailoring
  • Sets up Alambana Centre, its first women Self-Help Group in tailoring, at Maharajpur village in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand
  • Donates 2000 school uniforms, shoes & socks to 40 Anganwadi Schools in Rudrapur villages stitched by Alambana Centre.
  • More than 3000 girls trained in computer literacy


  • 19 schools provided with educational kits
  • 10000 students have benefitted through its computer & Science laboratories
  • Smart Learning introduced for 7 schools in Uttarakhand & Uttar Pradesh
  • 8000 books & computers given for schools on India-China border